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Whenever my fellow pilot ask me what pleasure is, I say that flying in for some hot fun with Cheap London escorts from is the biggest kick that I get out of life at the moment. My first passion remains flying but dating hot babes in London comes a close second. Getting divorced can be tough on a guy and I must admit I struggled for the first couple of weeks. After that I sort picked myself up and on a recommendation from a fellow pilot, I started to date hot babes whenever I have a stopover at London airport in the United Kingdom.
London airport is not the biggest airport in the United Kingdom but it has probably has the best escorts services that I have come across anywhere. I have dated escorts at a few other airports around the world but there is nothing that can measure up to dating London escorts. They are the hottest and kinkiest airport escorts at any airport around the world and I can recommend them to any pilot or gent. If you are looking for some true extra hot ground activities, look no further than the hot babes of London. They really know what escorting is all about.
London is great for dating in and around. Not all of my dates are based or focused around various hotel rooms and in calls. I like to take a lot of my London escorts out for a meal or a pub date. These girls do not look like American escorts, by that I mean they are dressed nicely. I tried dating American escorts but I thought they all looked really slutty, so I gave up on that one. Now I mainly date escorts when I fly into London, it is a very liberating and seriously adult fun experience.
One thing that I really like about London escorts is all the different services they provide. It does not matter if you are just up for a quick massage or a nice dinner out, they have the right service for you. There are many other forms of dating as well but I mainly stick to massage services and dinner dating. Back home in the United States duo dating is really popular as well but it doesn’t turn me on – I prefer my dates to be one-on-one. Personal sexy companions are more important to me than having a couple of hot birds around.
I happen to know that quite a few pilots dates London escorts. We do chat amongst ourselves and you would be surprised to how many pilots play away from home. It may not be a good thing if you are married guy, but I don’t think it really matters if you are single. I always feel a bit guilty when one of my married colleagues say that he has dated a London escorts. I know that the girls can really turn you but I would not date if I was married. At least not happily married.

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