One of the gentlemen I date at Notting Hill escorts is beginning to confuse me.

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He is showering me with expensive gifts and I am not sure that I am comfortable about it. When he comes around for a date, or picks me up to go out for a date, he always brings me something. It is very nice of him, and I really do appreciate all of his gifts. However, I am beginning to wonder if I am a little bit more than his special escort like he says to me.
Most gentlemen I know would pick up for a date, and expect you to be ready. However, this guy is totally different. He is the only guy I date at Noting Hill escorts who takes me shopping before we go out on a date. I am not sure how many new outfits he has bought me, but every time we go out on a dinner date, he buys me a new outfit. Over the last six months he has spent a small fortune on my new outfits. I keep telling him that I have plenty of things to wear, but he insists.
Not only does he spend a lot of money on me, but he picks me up and I end up spending the day around his house with him. Sometimes we do special things, but sometimes he works and I just get on with stuff myself. That could include going swimming in his pool or cooking a light meal in his kitchen. He is the only gent I have met who has treated me like this, and I have a feeling that something is going on. I keep wondering if he would like me to be his permanent girlfriend. The thing is you never know.
He has not asked me if I would like to be his permanent girlfriend but I do know that I am the only girl at Notting Hill escorts of that he dates. I have spoken to the other girls at the escort agency about him, and they all say that he is just seems to be a nice guy. In fact, I would have to agree with them. He certainly seems to be a very nice guy, and unlike many of the other gentlemen I have met during my time at the escort agency in Notting Hill, he is not pushy at all. Do I enjoy his company? I really do enjoy his company.
Most of my dates just want to have some adult when they are on a date with me, but this guy is different. He is the only guy I have met at Notting Hill escorts that I feel something for if you know what I mean. He is forever making me laugh and when we are out on a date together, he is a lot of fun to be with. The other girls at Notting Hill escorts say that I only like him because he is rich. Okay when we first met, it was probably the main reason I liked him a lot, but all of that has changed now. I like this guy as a person, and I keep wondering if he likes me as a person as well. If I was a little braver, I would ask him if he likes me as well, but I worried that a good thing will come to an end.

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