Partying with a St. Johns Wood escort.

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I worked as a barista in a coffee shop somewhere in St. Johns Wood, London. I can still remember the first day of my job. I actually lived far away from St. Johns Wood, I just came here to work, and because of my friend suggested me to his boss. When I first enter the place, a warm welcome approached me. The people in St. Johns Wood are being very friendly, and the place was great. My co-worker is not toxic, they helped me grow, they became my best friend, and they also treated me as their family. I was very glad to have them in my life.
My boss was also great, he was the one who values his employees, he is our leader and we were amazed by the respect he showed us. There was also this time that our leader invited us to his house for a party. We were having so much fun that night; he even booked us a St. Johns Wood escorts, every one of us. The St. Johns Wood escorts were the best! They are very beautiful and sexy. They made the night even more fun. St. Johns Wood escorts were so amazing, they gave us the most pleasurable night we ever had. It was my first time though to be with an escort.
The escort I had was named Jenny, not her real name though. For me, she was the most beautiful among the St. Johns Wood escorts from After the party, Jenny and I went for a walk. We talk a lot of things, she asked me what is my work here in St. Johns Wood, I told her that I am a barista. She was shocked because she never met a barista before. She said she wanted to experience becoming a barista. She was kind of fun to be with, even though it was our first time to talk to each other, but it feels like we were friends for many years. It was time for us to separate and I was glad she gave me her number when I asked for it. She also said that we should date sometime, and I was so excited about it.
The next day afternoon while I was at my work, I saw Jenny walking inside our store, she ordered a coffee and told me that she will be waiting for me until my shift ends. I was shocked because she waited for me for about an hour, I was a little bit ashamed because I keep the girl waiting for me, but I did not mind about it anyway. So, we went for a walk after we got out from the store, she asked me to go with her to some party. She brought me to this club where a lot of St. Johns Wood escort were there. Some of my friends were there too. It was again a long fun night for the people around. To this day, I always think of how lucky I am to be here in St. Johns Wood.

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