London escorts; the place to be

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Did you know London is got some of the most beautiful ladies? It is this very notion that compelled me to look for London escorts. And yes, as it turned out, I was not disappointed. After spending sleepless nights trying to get the best escorts, my efforts finally bore fruits. I could not hide my joy after seeing what they had to offer. Everything looked unbelievably impressive. And yes, being a man of action, I took up the challenge and decided to get in touch with them. I called and a beautiful voice from the other side responded almost spontaneously. In fact, I only called for less than ten seconds and my call was already picked.

After a talk that lasted like ten minutes, I was convinced that London escorts were what I needed for the weekend. Having had a long week, I was eager to see what whoever was waiting for me would do to make me feel relaxed. After dropping the call, I sprung out of my seat and within no time, I was already done getting everything preparing for the adventure.

I put on my best suit and headed to the place I had been directed by the beautiful lady over the phone (I assumed she was beautiful since her voice was awesome). After driving through the streets of London, bumping into several traffic police officers who pointed at me for over speeding, I got to my destination. And yes, as I had expected, the place looked superbly lucrative. I walked past several ladies who waved at me with wide smiles plastered all over their faces in a welcoming manner.

After walking past a few secretaries who kept ushering me to keep walking, I got to the office where I found this beautiful lady (I was wishing she was one of the escorts). Unfortunately, she wasn’t one of the escorts although she promised that I would be impressed by what they had. We made all the necessary arrangements and after signing a few papers and making all the necessary payments, in was introduced to Becky who was going to be my “date” for the weekend. And yes, true to the lady with beautiful voice’s words, Becky was superbly beautiful. And yes, as I came to learn later, this lady with a beautiful voice’s name was Ashley.

We talked and made all the necessary arrangements with Becky on what we would do for the weekend. It was clear that London escorts are far from the usual. We went to my car and drove off to our planned destinations. First, we were to have dinner at one of the biggest restaurants in London whose name I choose not to disclose for privacy purposes. After that, we would go over to another location where there were some nice accommodation and bone fire adventures. The next day, we went to take a walk at the nearby game parks in the morning then later drove off to watch a movie in a metropolitan location away from the hassles of the city.

Finishing up with dinner at a hotel by the sea, it was clear that London escorts are true professionals. My entire weekend had been full of fun thanks to London escorts and specifically thanks to Becky. As we parted ways, it was clear that I would have to look for Becky some other time. And yes, I was certainly going to get in touch with London escorts sooner than they anticipated.

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