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If you want to get overall sexy, it is important to feel good about yourself. Some of the girls that I work with at London escorts think that only skinny girls can be overall sexy but that is not true. Most larger ladies are very sexy as well. When I look at some of the girls who date as plus size cheap London escorts, I think that they are indeed very sexy. At the end of the day, what is wrong with a plus size lady? I think many of them are very sexy and love to be sexy.

Personally I think that shoes can be very sexy. Wearing stilettos seems to be a professional hazard with many of London escorts. Do all gents think that stilettos are sexy? I actually date some gents here at London escorts who think that stilettos are not sexy at all. They say that stilettos make you walk kind of funny and I have to agree with them. A pair of nice high heeled sandals can make you look ten times sexier and I am sure that many gents think that they look a bit classier.

What about dresses? When I first joined London escorts I used to wear a lot tight fitting t-shirt dresses but then I realized that I looked horrendous. One day as I walked past the mirror to go on a business date I caught a glimpse of myself and I was horrified. The next day I had a day off from cheap London escorts so I went dress shopping. All of my old t-shirt dresses were thrown out and I started to wear cocktail dresses instead. Ten times sexier and they make you feel really smart at the same time.

How about your hair? Your hair can certainly make you look really sexy, but does it need to be long. A couple of months back I had a mad five minutes and had my hair cut short. You are not going to believe this but I am actually getting more dates at cheap London escorts. The old thing about having to have long hair to be successful at London escorts went straight out of the window. It turns out that a lot of gents do like London escorts with short hair as well.

My advice is always to be sexy¬†within your own comfort zone. If you feel sexy, you are bound to look sexy as well. Many girls who are new to London escorts tend to overdo it. I always tell them to be careful and make sure that they dress with their comfort zone. Take a good look at any gent, and you will soon find that he is looking at your eyes. Not only are the eyes the window to your soul, they are also the window to that secret part in you that gents like to find. By looking at a girl’s eyes, you can soon tell if she is having fun or not. That is what all of my regular dates at London escorts tell me and I do believe them.

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