Steam My Thighs

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Henry is built, sturdy and supple with a chunk of personality that is deceptively hidden behind his shy mien. You could feel his personality as he stood up and walked over to the side of a large mural painting Ashley had mounted in her living room just above the second chimney away from the main door.

As she caught up with him, he slowly let his arm get around her waist then rolled his head back and planted a kiss on her cheeks. A quick flash of fear rushed through her, but it wasn’t fast enough to overcome the swell of pleasure that rushed through her body as he parsed his lips in her mouth. After all, she was a virgin. He gently drove his other hand into her back. She gasped.

He turned over and massaged her tummy while staring deep into her eyes. At first, she would have sworn she saw love in his eyes but how could she tell?

Henry heaved then put his left arm onto her thighs. She leaned in to kiss him. He obliged. His yielding flooded her with a sense of being needed. She pulled him over by the collar to the floor. He fixed his knee between her thighs and pulled over her vest with his teeth. She loosened his buckle and held his boner.

He squeezed her nipples and just then pulled back. She cussed. He slowly eased his arm up her thighs and started to massage her groin. She groaned sonorously with her voice drowned in a mixture of pleasure and vulnerability.

He dragged his arm up her belly over her navel and caught her left nipple into his fingers. She sank her arm back into his trousers and gripped his manhood. He got on his knees and lifted up her torso and carried her into the bed in the back room.

‘Let me explore this beautiful body.’

‘I’m already wet.’ She whispered into his ears.

‘I just want to know your body first. I want to explore it, not arouse it.’

‘Okay.’ she responded a little startled by his self-control and patience.

He planted his knee between her thighs again and held her panties by the seams and ripped it. She giggled nervously. Henry’s powerful arms played with her air, then held her cheeks as he kissed her on her lips, then the neck, down her chest and navel. She moaned as he planted his tongue in her crouch. Her moans grew louder as he licked her leaves. Henry then licked her up her thighs before he slid over her body and gently drove himself into her. She curled her feet around him and held him close to her with her fleshly arms around his neck. Henry gently thrust himself over her as the moment fell into a silence permeated only by her moans and his panting. He made love to her for 10 minutes before they rolled over and she curled up in each other’s arms.

‘Can we do this forever?’ His voice quivered.

‘It hurts.’ She hissed.

She hesitated then leaned forward as she took off her sleeping wear and let her whole naked body lay over him, her legs apart. She slowly jerked on for a while then became too emotional and moved over to the window. She was half-smiling, half-crying.

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